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How To Choose an Auto Body Shop

Accidents happen if you are driving on the road. Even a small fender bender can leave behind an unwanted dent, scratch or damage. When you decide to have the car’s body repair, how do you choose a quality repair shop that doesn’t cost you a fortune? Here are some tips to make finding a shop in your area.

Labor Overhead

The number one cost of having your car repaired is the labor charges. Finding a local auto body repair St. Louis can save you money if you can lessen the overhead fees of the shop. Parts of town that cost more to operate in, inevitably cost you more money in overhead charges. Look for a reputable shop in a less expensive part of town with a good balance of staff. Non-essential work staff makes charges go up for you.

Ask Questions

Typical questions to ask when you visit or contact a body shop start with whether or not they guarantee or warranty their work. Many shops offer a one-year warranty, but a longer warranty is even better for you. Make sure the shop has the right licensing and certifications. If you are paying out of pocket versus using insurance, determine the types of parts they plan to use. Aftermarket parts can cost you less and often are of similar quality.

Obtain Estimates

Obtain estimates from more than one shop. Shopping around allows you to see who overcharges. Look for differences in expected hours, parts prices and labor charges. Many shops offer price matches if you find a shop you want but they are more expensive than another.

If you are in an accident, your auto insurance company likely wants you to use a specific auto body repair shop. However, it often is better to do your research first. Whether paying for it yourself or filing an insurance claim, use these tips to find the right shop for you.

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