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Three Things to Do During a Tornado Warning

Severe weather can strike at any time, and it is vital to be prepared. Sometimes, thunderstorms and hailstorms can produce destructive tornadoes, and knowing what to do if a tornado is nearby is extremely important. Here are three tips for things to do during a tornado warning.

1. Take Cover Immediately Inside the House

A tornado watch is typically issued by the National Weather Service if the atmospheric conditions are favorable for a funnel cloud to develop. A warning is usually issued when a funnel is already forming or has touched down on the ground. If a tornado watch is issued, it is important to be aware of the conditions which could change in an instant. If a tornado warning is activated – some areas blare tornado sirens to alert citizens – it is critical to take cover immediately. Inside a home, the safest places to take cover are inside of a basement or in an interior bathroom or closet. Stay away from windows and any glass doors.

2. If Driving, Pull to the Side of the Road and Lay Down

Driving during a tornado is extremely dangerous. If a tornado is spotted while inside a car, it is not advisable to attempt to out-run the storm. It is also a myth that taking cover under a freeway overpass is a safe option. Instead, if there are no structures nearby to take shelter underground, pulling off to the side of the road and laying face-down in a low area may provide some protection. In general, if hail or severe weather occurs while in a car, it is best to leave the vehicle and attempt to find a safe and sturdy building with a basement or a storm shelter. Vehicles can be repaired – such as at hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO.  Lives cannot be replaced.

3. Pay Attention to Weather Reports

Finally, it is critical to pay close attention to news and weather reports during a severe thunderstorm with tornadic activity. Being aware – and being prepared – can save lives.

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